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Penny TheDArtCo


In the sea of my very personal images, I am searching for the marks of our existence to create my artworks. They will be shields able to protect me against the tide of fears and oblivion. The seeds for my shields are sometimes found in my personal life and history, and belong to me only; others may find themselves reflected and share the mystical signs that emerge from my subconscious. They will become amulets to protect us against the globalized world’s evil and sorrow.

Ben Joseph Roberts

@Ben Roberts

I am an Australian smartphone and tablet artist, constantly striving to stretch the limits of what these tiny but powerful devices can do. I explore fantasy, abstract and dark ideas through a wide variety of styles and genres.

Massimo Magee


Massimo Magee is a writer, artist and musician based in London. He is the author of Manifesto (New Unities), a manifesto for his audiovisual digital art practice, published in 2017, the limited edition multimedia novel The Triptych, and a new audiovisual novel forthcoming from Eleusinian Press. He has been active in experimental and avant garde music for over a decade, and records for New York based 577 Records. In audiovisual art, his practice focuses on the creation of audiovisual digital art objects, each one designed to be read by the computer as both a visual still image and as a piece of audio, these being two readings of the same file in each case. The work draws equally on the twin lineages of abstract image making (particularly abstract expressionist painting) and experimental music, including avant garde classical and free jazz. This practice proposes an entirely new and thoroughly modern form of art in that it posits art objects that can only truly been 'seen' in their original state by the machine: while human observers require the audio and visual readings of the file to be separated out in order to perceive them, the computer sees both audio and visual aspects enmeshed within and between each other in the one file. In this way, the pieces examine the gulf between organic and electronic perception.



Hey! In my free time, I create digital art for fun. I like to make digital paintings the most and enjoy Japanese media.

- Gert-Jan Akerboom -


NFT Artist, Blender addict. Based in Berlin.



Physical / Digital Artist - #cryptoart since early 20'

Ramón Ramírez Ruiz

@Ramón Ramírez Ruiz

Ramón Ramírez Ruiz, is a visual artist with more than 25 years of work and constant creative search. In his career he has worked traditional techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture. He has dabbled in installation and environment. He has also developed digital art and 3d design. He is now presented with new proposals in the Crypto Art. He has done group and personal exhibitions and has obtained several awards for his work. His works are part of institutional and private collections in different countries. His concern or his obsession with human survival is the common thread in all of his work since the late 1990s. At first, his work was focused on his country as a setting and motive for creation. He has progressively expanded his interest and attention in a more global approach, focusing especially on environmental issues in his relationship with the human being.