Artists & Collectors

Uğur Engin Deniz

@Strange Quark

Studied physics. Self taught 3D. 50+ exhibitions, 3 personal exhibitions. Specialised in developing unique techniques for glitching 3D. Works with transhuman concepts.

Pule the witch_DR

@Pule the witch_DR

Graphic artist / Fine artist. I work with realism, abstract . I usually discuss death, dreams and paranormal experiences as it is all within spirituality. I am a big fan of psychoanalysis and portray the mind in many forms using anatomy.



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Spiritual art

MiHee Kim Magee


MiHee Kim Magee is an abstract painter based in London. Her painting involves the pursuit of spiritual aims through experimental, improvised processes that lead to uncertain outcomes, to challenge herself and the viewer. Her inspirations include free jazz and improvised music, which she connects with through her work as an album cover artist. She particularly enjoys working with Korean paper and inks because of the subtle, slow and delicate interactions that she sets up between the extraordinarily absorbent paper and the vivid inks, which never fail to bring surprises once they have dried. Patiently observing these slowly unfolding processes is a meditative experience for her, which she hopes to share with the viewer through the finished paintings. She also uses elements of collage to bring out a distinction between foreground and background, sharp and subtle, material and spiritual.