Interfaced [audiovisual digital art object] - Massimo Magee


Interfaced is an audiovisual digital art object by Massimo Magee, designed to be read by the computer as both a visual still image and as a piece of audio, these being two readings of the same file. It lasts 1 minute and 48 seconds. The piece was shaped across visual and audio domains functionally simultaneously, with a change in the visual also affecting the audio and a change in the audio also affecting the visual. When you look at the visual image reading, you are also 'seeing' all of the sound; when you hear the sound reading, you are also 'hearing' all of the visual data. The piece was created with both visual and audio elements enmeshed within and between each other, meaning that, while the computer sees the piece as one file with both visual and audio elements simultaneously, human observers require translation into separate visual and audio readings. In this way, it can be said that only the computer can really perceive the piece in its authentic state. Here, these separate visual image and audio readings have been recombined into a video file for ease of viewing. The buyer can have the full-resolution image and audio readings sent to them on request. The piece was created with processed visual image data and live flute playing by Massimo Magee at his studio in London, UK.

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